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Heritage and Tourism International - TEAM and Oxford Archaeology working together
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How HTI Can Help...

Heritage and Tourism International can help governments, local authorities, tourism development organisations, heritage conservation bodies and private companies in making the most of heritage sites and resources and realising their value for tourism development and marketing. Here is a brief summary of our services:

Heritage Auditing

  • Survey and description of heritage resources
  • Archaeological and historical investigations
  • Natural habitat and landscape analysis
  • Historic landscape description
  • Define protected landscapes and sites
  • Cultural audits, including customs and traditions

Community Involvement

  • Local community consultation and involvement methods
  • Formation of locally owned tourism and heritage based businesses
  • New not-for-profit management organisations
  • Local guides and accommodation provision

Tourism Development

  • Tourism development plans
  • Environmental and economic impact assessment
  • Economic development plans based on heritage resources
  • Site or area specific tourism development plans

Visitor and Destination Management

  • Destination management plans
  • Recreational carrying capacity methodology
  • Interpretation (site presentation) and education plans
  • Visitor centre planning and management
  • Museum development

Market Research and Marketing

  • Analysis of tourism recreation markets
  • Orientation of heritage based tourism resource
  • Using the World Wide Web for marketing
  • Integrating heritage resources with wider tourist attractions
  • Evaluation of the impact of marketing

Information Provision

  • Tourist Information Centres
  • Web based information provision
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